Sexual Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Program

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program is comprised of the following components:

  • Primary Prevention Education
  • Warmline information for youth, featuring KidTalk
  • Sexual Assault Awareness
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Internet safety
  • Human Trafficking Education & Awareness
  • Bully Prevention
  • Relationships and Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Laws

Primary Prevention Education Component

Primary Prevention Education’s main focal point is preventing sexual violence before it occurs. The Prevention Program at La Piñon provides outreach which seeks to increase awareness and knowledge, as well as to change attitudes and behaviors that promote sexual violence. One of the main goals of the program is to create change that will prevent sexual violence.

Education is based on addressing the underlying issues that result in rape and sexual violence and may include some of the following topics:

gender roles
bullying and sexual violence
media advocacy
consent and coercion
dating violence
drug facilitated sexual assault
healthy relationships
child abuse prevention
sexual harassment
role of bystanders
the law as it relates to sexual assault
masculinity and sexual violence
primary prevention of sexual violence

See the Prevention / Outreach section for more details About Sexual Violence, Male Awareness, Facts and Statistics, Bystander Intervention Strategies and La Piñon TV.


La Piñon staff and advocates provide responsive, flexible presentations and professional training sessions concerning sexual assault issues and safety. If you think it would be beneficial to host a La Piñon presentation, please request a presentation or get in touch.

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