Volunteer Advocates (Our Heroes!)

"Jennifer jumped out of bed from a deep sleep to answer her cell phone at 2 AM on a Saturday night. Dispatch called to alert her to a reported sexual assault in the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Law enforcement is asking for an advocate and a SANE nurse. Jennifer had already completed her 40 hours of volunteer advocate training a year ago. Since then she had signed up to respond to calls on Saturday nights from midnight to 7am. Her training prepared her for phone calls and in-person response. In the past year she responded to 20 phone calls and 4 in-person responses, this would be her 5th in-person response at the SANE unit".

Volunteer sexual assault advocates represent a cross section of our society. Male and female volunteers range in ages from 18 years and older and come from diverse backgrounds. Many volunteers are college students, professionals in related fields of human services, accountants, secretaries, clerks, business managers, retired executives and homemakers. Many volunteer advocates are survivors of sexual abuse who have processed their abuse and are ready to give back what they have learned through life experience. All volunteers are dedicated, caring and work in a first-response, team-based model.

We value our volunteers and provide strong and continuous training and support to help them do the job which most adults will not or cannot do. YOU are Our Heroes. We could not provide the job of support and advocacy to victims of sexual assault on the worst day of their lives without YOU.

We provide core 40-hour training. If you are interested, please see the volunteer job description.

For our next volunteer training dates, please contact Carol Spahn our Volunteer Coordinator at

"Our Heroes": Volunteer Advocates 2017

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Albert Garcia, Alex Montoya, Amber Hargraves, Ana Dominguez, Angelica Munoz, Brianna Fitzgerald, Catelin Noe, Catina Carpenter, Celcilia Velasquez, Claudia Motta, Damaris Powe, Debbie Moore, Domonique Hernandez, Elizabeth Casterjon, Gabriel Holguin, Gaby Horrigan, Gigi Holder, Gloria Salgado, Grace Medina, Illa Gomez, Jessica Lopez, Joanna Rodriguez, Kahlila Ortiz, Kayla Bolland, Lisa Castaneda, Mahsa Azma, Marianna Vanillo, Marisela Carmona, Mary Arrey, Mary Esquer, Melissa Apodaca, Monica Overcast, Nicole Baca, Olga Ostos, Samantha Carmona, Shana Bachus, Sonia Garcia-Barron, Teresa Rios, Terri Madrid, Tiffany Tyson, Tommi Fisher, Valeria Holguin, Valerie Gonzales, Vanessa Aguirre, Vanessa Monge, Vicki Nisbett, Victor Paalvast

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